Back to School Beauty Must Have (for Moms)!

Back to school is an awesome time, but does any other mom out there feel stressed? Ahh! ;)

During the back-to-school season, we moms get so wrapped up in the needs and demands of our kids that it’s normal to lose a little bit of ourselves along the way. I noticed this firsthand when my skin started to break out a bit during the back-to-school stress. My skin is always an indicator of my stress or need to “slow down,” so I also seem to notice when it's staring me right in the face!

I wanted to take a little “me break” and recharge a bit, but given our schedule, I knew didn’t have time for an in-office facial. I decided to do an at-home facial that would be quick, easy, affordable and do the trick!

I decided to try nügg Beauty, as I had heard good things from some of my Facebook followers. I chose the Deep Cleansing Face Mask because the cucumber extract and jojoba lite oil helps remove a lot of sebum and gunk that my skin accumulated over summer and helps reduces the appearance of pore size. They came in a 3-pack of single-use pods, which also allows me to travel with them. Which, if you follow me on Snapchat, is a major plus for me! Each pack is under $10 — another plus!

I like that the texture was more like a gel so it didn’t dry out my skin or leave it feeling tight. It is made with 98 percent natural ingredients and no chemical emulsifiers, synthetic fragrances or colors, mineral oil or parabens.

I think these babies are great, super easy, top quality and affordable! Great for this time of year and for the school year ahead! Make sure to check out their other masks as well!

I also have this discount code to share if you all want to try these out as well!

Unique discount code: JULIE5

This code offers the chance to get 5 percent off ALL orders over $30 when used to checkout on the nügg website before September 30.


As The Face Mask Authority, nügg's mission is to provide top-quality skin treatments at affordable price points. We are fully committed to and enormously passionate about creating high-performance, prestige-quality skin treatments that truly help your skin without breaking the bank.  

We believe in treating people with kindness, both through our products and through how we do business. We enjoy what we do and believe in working hard and loving it, with a tireless attention to detail.

We are a company owned and run by women who are truly passionate about skin health and also love the experience that comes with buying and applying great skin-care products. Thus, we focus both on what goes into the formula, never compromising on quality ingredients that truly work, and on creating products that are pleasant and fun to look at and to use for a holistic well-being experience.

The 5 Best (and FREE) Apps for Instagram Growth

I am always surprised to find how essential apps are becoming to the overall growth of my brand and engagement. After all, they keep me organized, connected, visually cohesive... the list goes on! With this in mind, I wanted to share with you the top 5 apps I've been loving lately that have been essential in the growth of my brand....the best part? They are easy to use and great for an on the go blogger babe! 

A COLOR STORY- I used to be a VSCO gal, but for me and my brand, VSCO just doesn't allow my photos to POP like I want. VSCO is great if your visual brand tends to be a bit more moody, monochrome, edgy...but if you are looking for an app that will help your photos POP off the screen in a more colorful way, try A Color Story! I love the Organic, Fresh, Airy and Blush filter sets! 

UNUM - This has a fantastic collage grid feature. You can pre plan your Instagram feed, and make sure it is cohesive before posting! 

BOOMERANG- This is a fun tool as it gives photos more liveliness and character. Depending on the message you are crafting with your post, you could find this one fun and useful. 

WORD SWAG - You can create professional text graphics in classic and dainty fonts. This one has been amazing for me as its super user friendly and so easy! 

FACETUNE - Gotta love the Facetune! With this you can whiten teeth, smooth your skin; gets rid of pimples, highlights colors. It also has an auto feature that allows you to instantly get rid of any blemishes or imperfections. This is also a great one for all my mamas out there as it can't help us maintain that "I woke up like this" look. ha! 

WONDERWEEKS - Okay, so clearly this has nothing to do with Instagram growth and everything to do with the growth of your child! But if you are a mama to be or new mama, this is the #1 app for you! It's amazing. 

What are some of you go to apps for growth? Any that you know have helped you engage effectively? Any that you don't like? I would love to know what is working (and not working) for you! Leave a comment below to share! Also, make sure to sign up for my newsletter, where I send once a week marketing tips and tricks that you can only receive via email! 

How to Grow Your Brand and Following : 5 Smart PR Tips You Can Use Now

Hi Branding and Blogging Babes!

A new video is now live on How to Grow Your Brand and Following : 5 Smart PR Tips You Can Use Now! These are simple and action oriented steps to help you, rather you are just starting or have been growing your brand for some time now. This video will show you how to weave personality into your business in order to organically grow and sell more! 

As a New York Times best-selling publicist, I’ve had the privilege of working with amazing artists, authors, entrepreneurs and bloggers for over a decade, actively participating in the growth of their brand and expanding their platforms. 

I also love using my YouTube channel to connect influencers and entrepreneurs with useful tips about publicity, branding, blogging and social media – all things I’m truly passionate about. Click below for more!